How do we say: “todo mundo conhece o Faustão” in English?

So how do we say “todo mundo conhece o Faustão” in English? We can say “everybody knows Faustão”… of course. And that structure is not the focus of our podcast. This one is: Faustão is a household name in Brazil. Listen again: Faustão is a household name in Brazil.

First of all, what is a household? A household is a domestic unit where a group of people live – usually a family but sometimes it’s just a group of people who are not even related to each other. A household can be an apartment, it can be a house, a hut, a trailer – whatever serves as a home to a group of people. When you ask that person for their address, they will tell you the address of the household.

So when we say that someone is a household name, that would mean that this person is known in every household – in other words, almost everyone knows who they are. In Brazil we have, like everywhere else, a huge number of people who are household names. Roberto Carlos, Xuxa, Ronaldo, Faustão, just to name a few.

Some people dream of becoming a household name, right? They want to become a celebrity, or a famous scientist maybe, or a politician. And obviously there are people who are household names locally, in their hometown. If you grew up in a town that isn’t the capital of your state, you know what I’m talking about. Some people become local celebrities, widely known to the population, so they’re a household name in that town.

If I asked you to name a few household names in Brazil, who would you say? The first name that pops up in my head is Pelé. The second one, I have to say, is Xuxa (although I never watched her show – it’s true.) Let me know in the comments who pops to mind first.


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